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Here’s are links rounded up from the internet that would be of interests to the Presuppositionalists!

1.) Chick-fil-A and the Attack of the Tyrannatots— Doug Wilson witty take on the whole issue of secularized “Tolerance”

2.) J.W. Wartick’s Review of Presuppostional Apologetics— J.W. Wartick’s has written a lot on Christian apologetics, and have recently focused on Presuppositional apologetics with a critical appraisal. For a non-Presuppositionalist, he has been one of the more charitable critic.

3.) La Apologética Presuposicionalista- Some of Greg Bahnsen’s works being translated into Spanish!  Knowledge of this link is courtesty of Jamin Hubner.

4.) The Necessity of the Concept of the Christian God for Mathematics— Applying Presuppositionalism to the area of Mathematics.

5.) The Recent Rise of Covenantal Apologetics Part 3: James Anderson’s Influence-– A series on how Presuppositionalism has gotten more popular, and in particular in this post to the contribution of James Anderson.

6.) Triablogue on Wintery Knight on Van Til.

7.) Unguided Matter and Motion Cannot Yield Life— Author Mike Robinson applying Presuppositionalism.

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