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Here are some great sermons regarding the Pharisee and the tax collector preached by Pastor H.B. Charles and Pastor John MacArthur.  I encourage you to listen to the messages and perhaps share the messages with family or friends who have been whisked by the deceiving works righteousness religions.  I have many family and friends who are immersed in the business of the works righteousness religions such as Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.  It really grieves me that they are deceived in works righteousness; and it is my prayer that the Gospel will free them one day.  May sinners who are deceived in sin, one day have the heart of the tax collector, by truly repenting from his or her sins of self-righteousness.

In this video, you will hear the terms such as justification and atonement being used.  These are some very important terms described from the Bible that sets Christianity in stark contrast to other religions.  With that said, here are the videos down below.

The message from Pastor H.B Charles is very encouraging; and stirred my heart for the lost.

The message from Pastor MacArthur is filled with potent truths that exposes the depths of the text concerning the Pharisee and the tax collector.

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