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The good thing about this work is that it attempts to address apologetics driven by theology first.  In terms of theology, Cheung is Reformed and generally solid.  However, this work approaches apologetics from a Clarkian perspective and I have mix emotions as I have benefited much from Gordon Clark and his followers, while also not agreeing with everything they have to say.  The author subscribes to a Scripturalist’s epistemology (view that truth can only be known through Scripture) which is rather self-refuting since by that epistemology we cannot know Scripturalism either since the Bible never says you can only know true propositions only in the Bible.  Plus, by that epistemology you cannot even know Vincent Cheung exists!  What good in this book seems to be captured in other presuppositionalist’s work already.  I suppose it cannot be a bad thing to have more Presuppositionalist’s work out there.

You can access this PDF by clicking HERE.

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