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The next few weeks will be choppy in terms of updates from me as I won’t be having regular home internet access until the 23rd of this month.

We had a survey before our Islam Marathon Series in July concerning what you the readers would like to see being featured more here on Veritas Domain.

Here are the results:

What topics here on Veritas Domain that you enjoyed and want to see more of in the future? (Poll Closed)
Apologetics Links and resources 8.57% 

Presuppositional apologetics 22.86% 

Theological series 14.29% 

Longer, theological/apologetics analysis 20% 

Book reviews 8.57% 

Apologetics Illustrations 11.43% 

Christian view of politics and economic 8.57% 

Other: 5.71% 

It would seem that the most popular request is first for materials on Presuppositional Apologetics and then longer theological/apologetics analysis.  We will try to honor that requests in the future.  Pray for us!

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