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I’ve seen translator handbook on the Bible for different books of the Bible, and always thought about it employing it so this was my first time using it for exegetical studies. I was expecting it to be a handbook summarizing exegetical problems and decisions, but this was not what it really was. The work was more of a recommendation of possible risks and suggestions in translating into English or various languages, especially with difficulties in the language the text is being translated into. The book was more dynamic equivalence driven than formal equivalence in terms of translation philosophy. Not much syntactical/grammatical/lexical insight, and the few offered can be gleamed from most commentaries. This particular edition did have a good summary of the structure of the book of Jonah in the beginning of the book. I think the best thing an expositor might get out of it is that it allows the readers to be aware of how various Bible version went about with their translation decisions, or phrasing things.

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