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I started this late at night till three in the morning and then the next morning woke up to finish it. For those of you who know the evangelist Ray Comfort, this autobiography is quite encouraging and will stir the readers to be more zealous to evangelize with the model that Ray Comfort is. He tells about his childhood love for surfing, being “successful” at an early age and finally find Jesus in his native country of New Zealand. His stories of his early days of serving God was enjoyable for me to read, as it reminds that just because someone begin originally serving the LORD in one ministry capacity does not necessarily always mean that person’s ministry will still be the same in the future. From drug rehab ministry to being the assistant to a pastor, the Lord eventually moved him to the direction of open air preaching. Eventually he would make his way to Southern California with a greater ministry. The majority of the first half of the book seem to focus on his ministry at MacArthur park back in the wild heydays before LAPD cleaned it up and open a substation there. I did not even know until I was half way through the books that he had some pictures from MacArthur Park and it was so sad reading the tragedy of people’s sin with drugs, violence, etc. I’ve enjoyed reading about Ray Comfort’s meeting with Kirk Cameron and all his other adventures. Good biography to read before you go out with your church to evangelize!

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