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Since yesterday’s blog entry was a book review on C.S. Lewis’ Argument from Reason, and the review was done from a Presuppositional/Van Tillian standpoint, I thought it would be appropriate to be aware of what Cornelius Van Til thoughts were on C.S. Lewis.  I want to bring to the readers attention that both apologists were contemporary with one another.  And they knew of each other.

Several years ago, while reading a biography on Van Til, I found an interesting excerpt that recorded how Van Til and Lewis had a mutual friend, and that mutual friend tried to get Lewis into reading Van Til.  Sadly, Lewis was too busy to read Van Til’s work.

Cornelius Van Til apparently had some things to say about C.S. Lewis’ theology that is behind his apologetics.  Over at his blog,  Calvinist4Life has a recent entry on the Theology of C.S. Lewis by Cornelius Van Til which you can access by clicking HERE.  The concerns that Van Til raises include how Lewis approach the Psalms, the issue of freewill in Mere Christianity and Lewis’ position on the depravity on man.

Once again, you can read Van Til’s thoughts in his own words on C.S. Lewis’ theology by clicking HERE.

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