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Probably the best contemporary Christian book on Heaven because of it’s depth and also for being Biblically based.  You would think that the eternal place where Christians would eventually dwell at would be the subjects of many many books, but it does not seem that there are many works that are in the market that has the Biblical depth that this book has.  Randy Alcorn’s work attempts to engage the Christian imagination with questions about what our future in Christ is like after death.  The author attacks a Christian platonic conception of our eternal destination, and makes the case that the new heaven for us ultimately will be on a new earth.  What I’ve benefited most from the book is that it stirred my heart to think more about my eternal home and also the verses he cite that makes me take another look more carefully concerning heaven.  I do admit that sometimes the author does have a bit of stretch of an imagination more than I do, concerning what heaven will be like.  But overall, it’s Biblically driven.  There are times where the book seems to be repetitive–but if you are reading it over a long period of time (say a chapter a week), the repetition is not necessarily bad but reinforcing truths to us.  I highly recommend this book.

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