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Presuppositional Apologetics began with those who were Covenantal in their theology.  Many of those who advocated, advanced and admire Presuppositional apologetics are also Covenantal in their theological outlook.  However, there is a stream of Calvinistic Dispensationalists (subscribing to  Sovereign Grace) who have also adopted Presuppositionalism as their apologetic methodology.  It might not be a large group or representative of the larger movement of Dispensationalists, but they are there.  The reaction to the news that there are quarters of Calvinistic Dispensationalists who have subscribed to some form of Van Tillian apologetics can bring a range of reaction: On the one hand there can be thanksgiving that there are more Christians becoming more biblical in their apologetics and yet on the other hand it can result in some being defensive since only those who are truly Reformed or Covenantal in their theology can be esssentially Van Tillian.  Whatever the reaction, I hope that Lord willing beginning on September 17th, 2012 we devote a week (or more) to the awareness of Calvinistic Dispensationalists who engage or subscribe to Presuppositionalism here on our blog, Veritas Domain.

With all pun intended, we are already working on posts for that week but not yet done.  Lord willing, I plan to have written interviews, snapshots of thesis done by Dispensationalists that attempt to make a contribution towards advancing Presuppositionalism.


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