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Jonah and Nahum by John R. Kohlenberger III

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I’m reviewing this commentary in mind for the exegete rather than the person who’s looking for a devotional read through Jonah. For a volume in the Everyman’s Bible Commentary series, this was surprisingly good for both a devotional read and also insights for the expositor. There’s enough insight of the Hebrew in terms of lexical materials and structural observations to compete with other technical commentaries as well. The author writes from a conservative Biblical stance, and there’s nothing really doctrinally that I would have to say is concerning. The second half of the portion of this book I read as a personal devotional through the book of Nahum. This volume inclusion of the book of Nahum balances out Jonah, in which we see the response of people’s repentance in Nineveh, while Nahum came sometime later and God did destroyed Nineveh for their sins. I learned many new things through this book. It’s unfortunate that it’s published 1984–I think it should still be in use more popularly today.

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