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As it was previously announced, beginning today on September 17th, 2012 is the kickoff for our blog’s marathon series focusing on Calvinistic Dispensationalists who are Presuppositional in their apologetics.  The desire for this marathon series began when I noticed that there is a stream of Dispensationalists who subscribed to Van Til’s apologetics, though it seems that very little is mentioned about this camp of Presuppositionalists by others who are more Covenantal in their theology.  The only exception to this that I have been able to find in the literature is from John Frame, who in his chapter on “Van Til’s Successors,” in his work Cornelius Van Til: An Analysis of his Thoughts he wrote the following:

Van Til’s influence has been felt beyond his basic Reformed constituency.  Some dispensational theologians have been attracted to his ideas. John C. Whitcomb taught Van Tillian apologetics for many years at Grace Theological Seminary.  At Dallas Theological Seminary, Stephen Spencer taught from a Van Tillian perspective courses that were taught by Norman Geilser, an evangelical Thomist. (Page 394-395)

That statement was published in 1995 which was 17 years ago.  I think that much more can be said about Dispensational Van Tillians after all these years with more than one paragraph.  Nevertheless I am thankful that John Frame has brought the attention to his readers that there is some kind of Van Tillian influence among some circles of Dispensationalists.  Lord willing, I hope in the future that either I or someone else would write some kind of brief historical theology delineating how Van Til’s idea made it’s impact within Dispensational circles.  But for now, I think this marathon series would suffice for the time being!

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