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As I have said previously before here on Veritas Domain, I think the biggest contribution that Calvinistic Dispensationalists have made towards Presuppositional apologetics has been the exegetical project to establish the exegetical underpinning for this apologetic methodology.  This being the case, I hope that the doctoral dissertation that I’m bringing readers attention to would allow the larger world of Presuppositionalists (many who are more Covenantal in their theology) to be aware of this contribution.  I do believe that this dissertation is a little known treasure for the cause of Presuppositional apologetics.

This dissertation was written in 1982 by a doctoral student of Theology at Grace Theological Seminary, titled, Presuppositional Apologetics: Exegetical and Theological Bases for a Consistently Presuppositional Approach to Apologetics.  The student, George Zemek, has gone on to teach in various setting in theological education from various Bible institutes, The Master’s Seminary and eventually where he is at now, The Expositor’s Seminary.  Of course throughout this time he has also taught Presuppositional apologetics to many believers.

If you would like to track down this thesis at the nearest theological library near you, click on this link to World Cat, of if you want to get a hard copy for yourself, it’s available through Theological Research Exchange Network.

Here is the binding that shows the title:

Below is the abstract.  As you can see, George Zemek is interested in defending exegetically a distinctively Van Tillian approach towards apologetics.

Note the table of contents begins with an introductory chapter, then one on an epistemological life line followed by the third chapter on hamartiological complication.

Then a chapter on Soteriological Theocentricity…

Efficient Provision and Theological Reflections

Followed by a Summary-Conclusion and appendixes.

If the chapters interests you, and you are into Presuppositional apologetics, I think the sub-sections within each chapter should also heighten your curiosity!

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