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For our marathon series on Presuppositional apologetics from the Dispensationalists camp, we have highlighted some important thesis defending Presuppostional apologetics methodology exegetically that are out there so that the larger community of Christian apologists might be aware of them.  We have also interviewed those who are involved in various Dispensational seminaries or educational institute.  This morning’s interview focus on Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity ministries, who have taken Presuppositional apologetics to the streets (sometimes literally) by taking it out there and applying it during evangelism.  His website can be viewed by clicking HERE.

1.) Describe your current ministry to the Lord.

The current ministry of the Lord’s in my life is to be public speaking at churches for conferences and Sunday pulpits, also writing two books, one on the Deity of Christ and the other on evangelism.

 2.) How did you first became acquainted with Presuppositional apologetics?  Who was your big influence?

Seminary was where I first heard and was taught about presuppositional apologetics from my professors. It is this simple, there are two presuppositions: there is a God and He has spoken.

3.) What would you consider is the strength of Presuppositionalism?

It starts and ends with the only explanation for reason itself. If some rejects the Scripture and attempts to use the world to argue for God they have rejected the only source of truth. The presupposition apologetic defends God from His Word not the world.

4.) Describe an experience you have in employing Presuppositional apologetics.

Once at Newport Beach, CA I had two young men that told me that they do not believe in anything that they cannot prove by science. I asked the young man where he got his ability to reason. He told me that he studies. I than explained that I wanted to know where the ability came from for humans to be able to reason, not how they use that ability. He stop talking and said, “I do not know”. I stated that I do know that and that the ability to reason comes from God. He friend said, “you are powned”. Which in the vernacular means that he lost the debate, “He is owned”. This fact shut the one young man’s mouth and I was than able to explain that the reason God gave us an ability to reason is so that we can know Him and know our need to get right with Him.

5.) Some see Presuppositional apologetics as being the apologetics method of Covenantal theology only, give it’s root.  Do you think Presuppositional apologetics is compatible with Calvinistic Dispensationalism, and if so, explain.

No. It is a Biblical method that a normal interpretation of Romans 1 provides thus neither dispensationalism nor covenantalism can lay claim alone to it.

6.) You have taken apologetics to the streets so to speak in the area of open air preaching and actual application in evangelism.  Any pointers to the readers?

Every week. The thing is to not get into long arguments. They know God exists. State it and move to the gospel. Remember that the purpose of apologetics is the shut the mouth of the ignore not to win a debate. We use the apologetic to shut their mouth to get to the gospel.

7.) Books you recommend?

The Ultimate Proof of Create by Jason Lisle

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