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Here are articles related to Presuppositional apologetics published by Grace Theological Seminary from their now defunct journal.  They are in PDF format.  These are gems from a generally Dispensational publication.

1.) James M. Grier, “The apologetical value of the self-witness of scripture,” Grace Theological Journal 1.1 (Spring 1980): 71-76.

2.) Donald B. DeYoung, & John C. Whitcomb, “The origin of the universe,” Grace Theological Journal 1.2 (Fall 1980): 149-161.

3.) David L. Turner, “Cornelius Van Til and Romans 1:18-21: a study in the epistemology of presuppositional apologetics,” Grace Theological Journal 2.1 (Spring 1981): 45-58.

4.) George J. Zemek, Jr., “Classical Apologetics: A Rational Defense – A Review Article,” Grace Theological Journal 7.1 (Spring 1986): 111-123.

5.) Stephen R. Spencer, “Fideism and Presuppositionalism,” Grace Theological Journal 8.1 (Spring 1987): 89-99.

6.) Stephen R. Spencer, “Is natural theology biblical,” Grace Theological Journal 9.1 (Spring 1988): 59-72.

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