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The Reformed Forum is a great website filled with great resources on all things Reformed (systematic theology, biblical theology, historical theology, philosophy and apologetics!).  No doubt many of you have probably enjoyed their show and discussions.

I’ve listened to an episode of their podcasts in which they interviewed Westminster’s professor of apologetics, Scott Oliphint on Cornelius Van Til’s 1946 essay titled “Nature and Scripture.”  I thought Oliphint’s exposition of Van Til was excellent and a must-listen.  Well now that I just discovered that Reformed Forum also had this show in video format, it’s also a must-see.  Enjoy!

One last note.  Towards the end of the show, Scott Oliphint mentioned that he has been working for years with P&R on a new edition of Van Til’s last work, “Common Grace and the Gospel” with Oliphint’s commentary.  This sounds like it will be similiar to Oliphint’s comments in the fourth edition of Van Til’s “The Defense of the Faith.”  I can’t wait for it to come out–not only because my old copy is falling apart but also because I want to benefit from Oliphint’s insight and explanation.

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