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Note: I imagine that since Carl Trueman is from Westminster, he would be approaching this debate as a Presuppositionalists.  We Christians ought to remember to pray, and not forget that prayer is an important aspect of Christian apologetics as well.

From HERE:

“A Lively Conversation About the Things that Matter Most.”

Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman, Paul Woolley Chair of Church History, will be speaking at the Saints and Skeptics event in Phoenixville, PA on Thursday, December 13th at 7:00pm. The event is a moderated debate, and Dr. Trueman will be representing the historic Christian faith as espoused by Aurelius Augustine while Chad Trainer, Chairman of the Board of the Bertrand Russell Society, will represent the agnostic/atheistic worldview as espoused by Bertrand Russell.


Tickets are 12 bucks.

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