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Wow this period has been an influx of many materials online dealing with Presuppositional apologetics!


1.) Jehovah’s Witnesses: A Presuppositional Critique part I–Mike Robinson critiques the Watch Tower.

2.) Van Til vs. Hicks— Ben Holloway critiques the Pluralist John Hicks.

3.) A Review of Clifford McManis’ Biblical Apologetics (2012)— A review of this recent Presuppositional book by another Presuppositionalist.

4.) 788! – Retractions in the scientific literature from fraud & errors in research— Mike Robinson’s observation of an article that reveal over 788 retraction in scientific journals since 2000, concerning worldviews and “science.”  Mike provide a link to this excellent 2010 Journal article that you might consider bookmarking!

5.) What the Rest of the Bible Says About Genesis— Message by Dr. Pipa of Greenville Presbyterian seminary.

6.)A Christian Epistemology of Testimony–Excellent article by Chris Bolt on Presuppositionalism and the self-testimony of the Scriptures.

7.) The Failure of “Aprobogetic” Methodology— On “neutral” non-Presuppositional apologetics.

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