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shotgun christmas

Some links around the web during early December of 2012 touching on Presuppositional apologetics.  Enjoy!

1.) Too Focused on Atheism— Very good point and has implication for the direction of where Presuppositional apologetics should move towards.

2.) The Demographic Solution for the USA— I see this a call to evangelism and discipleship, being driven by a Worldview that’s based on the Word of God.

3.) Christianity Hinders Scientific Progress— A secular mantra takes a beating.

4.) Joe Torres comment on Greg Bahnsen’s Argument from the Impossibility of the Contrary– Introduction for those new of what is the impossibility of the contrary.

5.) The Consistently Inconsistent Worldview Objection— Chris Bolt hacking at those who see the consistency of being inconsistent in their worldview as a good thing.

6.) Wittgenstein and Van Til— Wittgenstein in light of Cornelius Van Til’s thought.

7.) The Epistemological Foundation for “The Roman Catholic System“– Good documentation and analysis of what some Catholics mean when they say “not contradict Scripture.”

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