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shotgun shell lights

Once again there’s way too many good Presuppositional apologetics links being put out.  Here are only a few that I thought were good highlights.  Since there are so many good things being pumped out online, next week I will have another “second helping” of Mid-December links around the web.  Enjoy!

1.) The Problem of Reincarnation–Mike Robinson sees Hinduism’s doctrine of Maya undermine the doctrine of Reincarnation.

2.) Delineating Disciplines–Ben Holloway talks about interdisciplines between Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical theology and Apologetics.  On a tangent, I’ve seen this to be a beautiful implication of Van Til’s thought of the inter-connectedness of disciplines that John Frame really expounds on with Perspectivalism.

3.) And Slew The Little Childer— Doug Wilson has some comment related to the tragic shooting and also to Herod’s crime.

4.) Where is God?  Steve Hays has a short remark about an atheist objection and uses the analogy of DaVinci.

5.) Response to “The Problem with Presuppositionalism”– Chris Bolt demonstrates how to have a brief and concise response to another internet attack against Presuppositionalism.

6.) A Worldview on the Brink–Ben Holloway comments about how atheist Thomas Nagel’s latest work has unintentional apologetics value for the Christian apologist concerning consciousness and an evolutionary paradigm.

7.) Atheist West Point Cadet Can’t Take the ‘Persecution”–Gary DeMar has his take on the atheist cadet that resigned and protested against West Point.

8.) Why Do So Few Atheists Take Their Faith Seriously?–Justin Taylor’s quote of Carl Trueman’s take on leading atheism to it’s logical conclusion.


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