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If you bite and Devour

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Certainly a Christian apologist should be contending for the faith–but that does not mean they have to be contentious. ¬†And being contentious is a pitfall that the Christian apologist might be more tempted with than others brothers in Christ and and this is a good book addressing this sin. The author Alexander Strauch is able to write this book with a pastoral heart. Addresses the issue of Christian and conflict. Admonishes the believers to act in the Spirit, love and humility, while controlling anger, tongue and criticism and pursing reconciliation and peace. A good work for the pastor to use for counseling with a believer on addressing conflicts biblically. Also has two chapters on facing false teachers and controversy respectively, which balances the book lest one thinks that a Christian should avoid conflict at all costs, even at the expense of the Gospel. Balance book, and convicting. Don’t forget to also read the appendix–which I appreciated and wish he would develop it into a chapter length, focusing on how sanctification occurs with our union with Christ. Recommended!

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