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Below, are a few good links surrounding a biblical worldview of psychology and mental illness.  It is vital that Christians are eqipped in this area.  In light of all the massacres during the last couple of years such as the Virginia Tech shooting and the Newtown shooting, some are trying to substitute mental illness for man’s responsibility concerning the murder of countless people.

  • Voddie Baucham, “Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind.”  Disclaimer: With all due respect to what Pastor Baucham stands for concerning the family and the Gospel, there is a bit of a possible disagreement.  As another brother-in-Christ named Mike mentioned concerning the earlier part of this message – it is hard to tell whether Pastor Baucham is stating that Jesus had depression at the Garden of Gethsemane or whether he was pointing out that the people who work in the mental health community would diagnose or see Jesus’ condition as being anxious in Gethsemane, depressed at Lazarus’s tomb; and then being bipolar after He raised him from the dead.  It is hard to tell if Pastor Baucham believed Jesus was depressed, but I will leave that to your discretion.  I sent the church an e-mail requesting clarification.  Until then, I will wait for a response.  But at the end of the day, I identify Jesus’ experience at the garden as suffering and grief, not depression.  Grief and depression are two separate notions.  God permits grief, but depression is a different animal and is associated with anxiety.  Depression would undermine God’s perfection and holiness.  Overall, the message was good and Pastor Baucham does a candor job in explaining the confusion amongst Christians concerning the issue of mental illness.
  • John F. MacArthur, Jr., “The Psychology Epidemic and its Cure.”  In this journal article, Pastor MacArthur discusses many important points.  One of the major concerns has to do with the Christian Church implementing psychology in order to deal with spiritual issues.  Pastor MacArthur says,

The church’s right to counsel from the Bible has been reconfirmed in court rulings of recent times. Yet in many instances the church has surrendered that right and responsibility because of the ‘professionalization’ of the counseling ministry among Christians. This is tragic because the behavioral sciences are not, as is commonly believed, scientific. Neither have they proven effective in changing the human heart. ‘Christian psychology,’ with its claim of a secret knowledge about dealing with people, has made deep inroads into the church, but it is no more than a duplication of its secular counterpart with Scripture references occasionally interspersed. A reliance on Christ, the ‘Wonderful Counsellor,’ and God’s sufficient Word as dispensed by spiritually gifted Christians to one another is the church’s only solution in meeting the spiritual needs of its people.”

  • Dr. Trevor Craigen does a book review of Dr. Ed Bulkley called, “Why Christians Can’s Trust Psychology.”  Dr. Craigen reviews this book that addresses the danger of people pursuing recovering programs such as the twelve-steps programs, self-help books, integrative practices (hybrid and Christian truth and Psychology), etc.  Dr. Craigen gives an in-dept analysis of the book.

“The highly subjective social sciences want to blame anything and everything outside of the foundational biblical truth that man’s heart is sinful. This article is God’s common grace to society that there are some who still recognize the dangerous capability of a sinful heart.” – Pastor Pakingan.

Good thing there is still some sense in the world were people are willing to call it out like it is.  Call it what it is folks! This is what Jesus said about the heart, “”For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders” (Matthew 15:19). We cannot circumvent God’s Word that authenticates to us what is right and wrong.

  • Here is a good video that discuss Psychiatrists On Psychiatry.  Interesting and important concepts such as mental illness and chemical imbalance are mentioned and whether there is proof of it existing.  Here is the link, Psychiatrists On Psychiatry.

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