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Explosive Christmas

Here are some Presuppositional apologetics’ links wrapping up from this year around the world wide web:

1.) Defending the Content of the Faith We Are Defending— Review of Cornelius Van Til’s classic, The Defense of the Faith.

2.) Humanism and human worth— Steve Hays on a quote by Dawkins that undermine human worth according to “Humanists.”

3.) Atheism, Subjectivism, and Meaning— Chris Bolt takes on an atheist.

4.) Baxter vs Hume— Holloway’s take on the debate between David Hume and Andrew Baxter.

5.) A Review of Erring: A Post Modern A/Theology–A book review by Forrest W. Schultz of an anti-theistic book that confirms Van Til’s motif that man’s rebellion against God has implications against man.

6.) A Friendly Question about God and Logic–By James Anderson.

7.) Book Review: How Do We Know the Bible is True?–A book review that’s really grateful for the book’s Presuppositional approach.

8.) How Man Finds Himself: Rationalism vs. Revelation— Mark Rushdoony’s take on the question, “What is Man?” in light of the battle between rationalists and God’s revelation.

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