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These are links I found online on Presuppositional apologetics during early January 2013.  Enjoy!

1.)Descartes’ Doubt: Reality vs Dreaming — A Christian Solution–Mike Robinson addresses from the Christian worldview the problem of whether or not everything is just a dream.

2.) Confidence is not Bigotry–Ben Holloway explains that Christian confidence in the truth is not the same thing as bigotry.

3.) The Creator Creature Distinction–RazorKiss explains the Creator/Creature distinction, an important theological point for Van Tillian apologetics.

4.) Van Til on Human Reason–A commentary on a quote from Van Til that touches on how a view of human reason that does not begin with God ends up being arbitrary.

5.) Why do we expect the future to be like the past?–Chris Bolt’s brief and to the point critique of attempts to respond to the problem of the principle of uniformity.

6.) In moments like these–Steve Hays take on the apostate reasoning of Peter Enns on Sandy Hook.

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