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Pasadena City College

From the book called, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald S. Whitney says this in chapter six, “Evangelism…For the Purpose of Godliness,”

Evangelism is a natural overflow of the Christian life.  We should all be able to talk about what the Lord has done for us and what He means to us.  But evangelism is also a Discipline in that we must discipline ourselves to get into the context of evangelism, that is, we must not just wait for witnessing opportunities to happen” (106).

By God’s grace, SLIMJIM and I did not wait for witnessing opportunities, but rather, we made plans ahead of time, to go on an evangelism excursion to Pasadena City College on January 31, 2013.  While there at Pasadena City College, we encountered a fellow by the name of Harlan.  We thank God for the opportunity to share God’s truth with him.

One of the major points in the discussion that opened up the Pandora box was Harlan’s definition of a good person.  His enunciation of his definition of what a good person is, was a a response to God’s law that he encountered.  He was confronted with God’s law and was confronted with the reality of his sin against God.

Harlan’s qualification of a good person is not based on God’s definition of morality, but based on his own philosophy that is found in his philosophical worldview of “goals.”  Listen very carefully to the video below because you will see how Harlan’s philosophy of goals does, in and of itself, fall into the domain of morality.  At the end of the day, Harlan sneaks in his confession of terms such as “hypocrisy” and the use of his prescriptive language.  He may see it as aesthetic or his worldview of goals being close to morality, but at the end of the day, man will inherently subscribe to morality because there are other goals that will clash against him and he will have no authority to say other goals are wrong, improper, or hypocritical.  That in itself is a self-defeater.  Man cannot subscribe amoralism because he will protest against something that goes against his goals.

As a result, Harlan needs to understand, that his worldview is inconsistent and relativistic when aligned with other worldviews.  In other to eliminate his relativistic premises, the Word of God is the only answer for him. The only hope to release him and others from a mind of transgression against our holy God, is the mind of Christ.  That comes from the Gospel.  The Gospel sets people free from sin and offers forgiveness to sinners.  Please pray that God will regenerate him by the message of the Gospel so that he will be able to repent from his sins and place faith in the Son of God.

For the video concerning our evangelism excursion with Harlan, please see the link below.

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