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Kinda Christianity

A great satire on the Emergent church movement, with a title parodying McLaren’s “A New Kind of Christianity.”  The author are two Reformed Christians.  After going through primary sources of Emergent leaders to hear them speak for themselves as well as wading through refutations of them in the forms of presentations, papers, discussion, articles and blogs, I have to say that this satire would probably stick better for most people’s memory given how hilarious it is. Good use of humor and irony to expose a theological group that stresses so much that they can’t be sterotyped only to discover that they do present themselves with a certain persona and stereotypes. Think hipster coke bottle glasses and pseudo-intellectual stuffness. Or “a Coexist bumper sticker on your used Volvo.” Again, a witty book beginning with the cover (see Brian McLaren’s cover of”A New Kind of Christianity” to get it), the fake endorsements (the J.I Packer one got me laughing aloud), the preface by Frank Turk of PyroManiac, the meat of the book and the concluding appendix. For those who are familiar with the Emergent movement and knows it’s people, you will be smiling and laughing out loud (for real). Certainly would step on toes but no one could fault them that unlike the “real” Emergent (real and authentic as adjectives for Emergents?), at least the authors lived up to it’s parody of being”generous, fair organic free range guide” considering the fact that they are selling this for a buck for Kindle which I downloaded on my Iphone. As the book pointed out, “The Apple Store: If you’re not buying your technology here, you’re not emergent.

If you want it get it here on Amazon by clicking here.

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