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Christians must vote according to Biblical principles, not against it.  Here’s a voter’s guide for the local election guide from the great website, Election Forum, for the Los Angeles County.

March 5, 2013 Election Recommendations


Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete.

  • thumb upthumb upthumb up : Strongest endorsement for values voters
  • thumb upthumb up : Above average
  • thumb up : Better than opponent, vote represents “lesser of two evils”
  • No Endorsement: We either oppose the candidates or have found no reason to support a candidate. If you don’t vote for a candidate or issue, all your other votes still count.

Los Angeles County


Council Member; City of Azusa (2 Elected)

  • Marc A. Caro thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Sandra Benavides
  • Robert Gonzales
  • Edward J. Alvarez thumb upthumb up
  • Jeri S. Vogel
  • Mercedes Castro

City Clerk; City of Azusa

  • Stephanie Carmona Mills
  • Russ Rentschler
  • Jorge V. Rosales
  • Jeffrey Lawrence Cornejo, Jr. thumb up

City Treasurer; City of Azusa

  • Arthur M. Vasquez, Jr.
  • Marcene Hamilton thumb up

Council Member; City of Bell (2 Elected)

  • Danny Harber
  • Ana Maria Quintana
  • Alicia Romero
  • Yamel “Jimmy” Mourad thumb up
  • Nora A. Saenz thumb up
  • Donna I. Gannon thumb up
  • Council Member; City

Council Member; City of Bellflower; 4 Year Term (2 Elected)

  • Dan L. Koops
  • Usbaldo B. “Wally” Munoz thumb up
  • Scott A. Larsen

Council Member; City of Bellflower; 2 Year Term

  • R. Yahye
  • Ron Schnablegger thumb up
  • Gloria Willingham
  • Luis Melliz

Council Member; City of Beverly Hills (3 Elected)

  • William Warren Brien
  • Katherine Cohan thumb up
  • Michael Talei thumb up
  • Brian Rosenstein
  • John A. Mirisch thumb up
  • Nancy H. Krasne

Council Member; City of Calabasas (3 Elected)

  • Mary Sue Maurer
  • James Bozajian thumb upthumb up
  • Jody Thomas thumb up
  • David Shapiro thumb up

Mayor; City of Carson

  • Jim Dear
  • Lula Davis-Holmes thumb up

Council Member; City of Carson (2 Elected)

  • Joseph Gordon
  • Timothy Muckey thumb up
  • Charlotte Brimmer
  • Rita R. Boggs
  • Mike Gipson
  • Albert Robles
  • Stephen Anyaka thumb up
  • Julie Ruiz-Raber

Council Member; City of Cerritos (2 Elected)

  • Carol Chen thumb upthumb up
  • Alejandro Estella
  • George Ray thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Frank Aurelio Yokoyama
  • K. Y. Ma
  • Gerad Valencia
  • James Kang

Council Member; City of Claremont (2 Elected)

  • Corey Calaycay thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Michael Keenan
  • Larry Schroeder thumb up

Council Member; City of Commerce (3 Elected)

  • Joanna E. Flores
  • Art A. Gonzalez
  • Lilia R. Leon thumb up
  • Jaime Valencia thumb up
  • Ivan Altamirano
  • Tina Baca Del Rio

Council Member; City of Covina (3 Elected)

  • Kevin Stapleton thumb upthumb up
  • Jorge A. Marquez
  • John C. King thumb up
  • Kay Manning thumb up

Council Member; City of Cudahy; 4 Year Term (2 Elected)

  • Martin Aguilera
  • Issac Delfino Velasquez
  • Chris Garcia
  • Richard Lara
  • Ruben Pivaral
  • Jack M. Guerrero thumb upthumb upthumb up

Council Member; City of Cudahy; 2 Year Term

  • Josue Barrios
  • Richard Iglesias thumb up
  • Baru A. Sanchez

Council Member; City of Gardena (2 Elected)

  • Mark E. Henderson
  • Terrence Terauchi
  • Rodney Tanaka thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Kathleen “Suzy” Evans thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Tasha Cerda

City Clerk; City of Gardena

  • Shannon Nichole Tsukiyama
  • Harout “Art” Kaskanian
  • Mina Semenza thumb up

Council Member; City of Huntington Park (2 Elected)

  • Elba Guerrero
  • Karina Macias
  • Andy Molina thumb up
  • Valentin Palos Amezquita thumb up

Council Member; City of La Habra Heights (3 Elected)

  • Brian S. Bergman thumb up
  • George Edwards
  • Kyle Miller
  • Chester Jeng
  • Michael Higgins

Council Member; City of La Canada Flintridge (2 Elected)

  • David A. Spence thumb upthumb up
  • Jon Curtis thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Joe Layton

Council Member; City of La Mirada (2 Elected)

  • Steve Keithly thumb upthumb up
  • Andrew Sarega thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Randy Gray
  • Pauline Deal
  • Gabriel Garcia

Mayor; City of Los Angeles

  • Emanuel Alberto Pleitez
  • Kevin James thumb upthumb up
  • Wendy J. Greuel
  • Norton Sandler
  • Eric Garcetti
  • Addie M. Miller
  • Jan Perry
  • Yehuda “Yj” Draiman thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Joseph “Joe” Gardner

City Attorney; Los Angeles

  • Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich thumb up
  • Mike Feuer
  • Greg Smith
  • Noel Wiess

City Controller; City of Los Angeles

  • David Manuel Gonzales (write in)
  • Analilia Joya
  • Ankur Patel
  • Cary Brazeman
  • Ron Galperin
  • Dennis Zine thumb up
  • Jeff Bornstein

Council Member; City of Los Angeles, District 1

  • Jose Gardea thumb up
  • Gilbert “Gil” Cedillo
  • Jesse Rosas

Council Member; City of Los Angeles, District 3

  • Scott Silverstein
  • Cary T. Iaccino thumb upthumb up
  • Bob Blumenfield
  • Joyce Pearson
  • Elizabeth Badger
  • Steven Presberg

Council Member; City of Los Angeles, District 5

  • Paul Koretz
  • Mark Matthew Herd thumb up

Council Member; City of Los Angeles, District 7

  • Krystee Clark
  • Felipe Fuentes
  • Jesse “David” Barron thumb upthumb up
  • Nicole Case

Council Member; City of Los Angeles, District 9

  • Manuel “Manny” Aldana thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • Curren D. Price Jr.
  • Ana Cubas
  • Ronald Gochez
  • Terry Hara
  • Mike Davis
  • David Anothny Roberts

Council Member; City of Los Angeles, District 11

  • Odysseus Bostick
  • Mike Bonin
  • Fredrick Sutton thumb upthumb up
  • Tina Hess

Council Member; City of Los Angeles, District 15

  • Joe Buscaino
  • Gina Hardin (write in) thumb upthumb upthumb up
  • James T. Law

Council Member; City of Manhattan Beach

  • Tony D’errico thumb upthumb up
  • Mitch Ward
  • Mark Burton thumb upthumb up
  • Mark Lipps
  • Wayne Powell thumb up
  • Viet Ngo

City Treasurer; City of Monterey Park

  • Stephen Lam thumb up
  • Joseph Leon

City Clerk; City of Monterey Park

  • Jeff Schwartz
  • Vincent Dionicia Chang
  • Neal Alvarez thumb up

Council Member; City of Norwalk

  • Mike Mendez
  • Cheri Kelley thumb up
  • Darryl Adams
  • Enrique Aranda
  • Candy Martinez thumb up

Council Member; City of Pasadena; District 3

  • John Kennedy
  • Ishmael Trone thumb up
  • Nicholas Benson

Council Member; City of Pasadena; District 5

  • Victor M. Gordo
  • Israel Estrada thumb up

Council Member; City of Redondo Beach, District 1

  • Kimberly Fine thumb upthumb up
  • James Anothny Light
  • Dianne Prado
  • Jeff Ginsburg

Mayor; City of Redondo Beach

  • Matthew “Matt” Kilroy thumb upthumb up
  • Eric Coleman
  • Steve Aspel
  • Pat Aust

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