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Should you believe in the Trinity JW

The last few weeks in the providence of God, I’ve been able to witness to various Jehovah’s Witnesses.  As some of you know, they are big on attacking the Trinity.  Each conversation ended with my inquiry for their famous “Should You believe in the Trinity?” pamphlet since my copy has not been readily available, being in storage at my parent’s place.  Each time the Jehovah’s Witnesses said they didn’t have a copy on them (though they had many of the other resources on them).  Each time they told me they will look for one to pass to me next time followed by a plug to visit the Watchtower society’s website.  I still haven’t gotten a physical copy and when I go online to their website, I could not find it and only get this.

Well I found online on Youtube that apparently I was not the only one who experienced a sudden disappearance of this infamous pamphlet.

As a young baby Christian this was the work that appeared to be the ultimate one stop shop with the summaries of the core arguments against the Trinity but as I grew older I discovered the many mistakes it made biblically, historically and poor use of quoting reference.  As the guy on the Youtube clip pointed out, a great resource that one can ask the JWs to look up to find that the Watchtower has lied to them in terms of their “scholarship” is no longer readily available.

The guy who made the video, “The Snarky Apologist” has loaded up online and made available the booklet online for the record if you wanted to see, click HERE.

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