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Here are links on Presuppositional apologetics from the end of February 2013.  What other links are there that we didn’t include that you want to share?

1.) Epistemology in the Psalms-Ben Holloway on the implications from Psalm 19 and 119.

2.) Denotation, Connotation, and the Biblical “Paradigm”— Short essay on Reformed Forum on how unbelief and paradigms interplay.

3.) Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended – A Review— Fred Butler reviews Bahnsen’s book.

4.) Apologetic Reads–Ben Holloway review several Presuppositionalists’ books.

5.) What do you believe?— Steve Hays continues his evaluation on an article by Nate Shannon on Reformed Forum (see the last installment of Presuppositional apologetics’ links)

6.) Great Debate: James White with Adnan Rashid at Trinity College, Dublin–A debate on the Quran and the Bible.

7.) Magicians Penn & Teller are atheistic frauds–Gary DeMar’s article.

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