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Luther for Armchair

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This is the third book in the Armchair Theologians series and thus far my favorite one out of the three. I originally considered to stop reading this series since the other two were not what I expected (specifically, the one on Augustine and Aquinas). However, this book was enjoyable. It went through the biography of Luther and also discussed his theology. Excellent exposition on Luther’s view of justification. I enjoyed the author’s explanation of what the Gospel is and is not. Though I don’t agree everything with Luther’s theology neverthess I’m grateful that this book is able to show Luther’s theology accurately without resorting to trying to make him relevant at the expense of being no longer an accurate portrayal of Luther’s life and theology as I felt the work on Aquinas has done. I thought this particular book was accessible for the general reading audience while remaining theological enough without resorting to silly humor compare to one other book in this series. The author even drove home Luther’s theology that theology is not just something done for arm-chair theologians but during life–an irony that the author even noted contrary to the book’s title. Good introduction to Luther and I would recommend it.

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