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Here are some links that those who are interested in Presuppositional apologetics would like to check out from the end of March 2013.  Lots of notable links this time.  And lots of focus on Francis Schaeffer!

1.) Evolution and the Soul–Ben Holloway’s thought on Evolution and the Soul.

2.) PRESUPPOSING: A REVIEW— This is a review of a book titled Presupposing: How to Defend the Faith – The Methods of Francis A. Schaeffer & Cornelius Van Til.  There seems to be ongoing debate of whether to understand Schaeffer as Van Tillian or not, this particular book examines Schaeffer in light of Van Til’s thought at the time when he taught Schaeffer at WTS according to the class syllabus.  Interesting approach.

3.) Bringing Schaeffer and Van Til Together-Camden Bucey quotes a famous account in an article for WTJ of Van Til lecturing Schaeffer and Schaeffer wishing he recorded it.

4.) It Is There and It Should Not Be Silent: Van Til’s Critique of Schaeffer–Essay on Van Til’s little known written critique of Francis Schaeffer.

5.) Francis Schaeffer’s Christian Spirituality— A Reformed Forum interview with William Edgar on his new book, Schaeffer on the Christian Life: Countercultural Spirituality.

6.) A Review of Schaeffer on the Christian Life by William EdgarAudio recording of a review by Camden Bucey and Jim Cassidy.

7.) Trailer for a documentary coming out in May!

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