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Do you ever see a popular Christian books and authors in stores or the internet, and you are not too sure if they are solid while wondering if perhaps you might be missing out with what the general Christian population is reading? ¬†That’s how I felt about the best selling author John C. Maxwell.Mentoring 101 Maxwell

This is my first book by John Maxwell. It seems that Christian bookstore like selling his books but I didn’t find anything particularly Christian about it; and to me it was rather strange after I learned that he was a former successful Pastor! From what I gather I wonder if he’s more of the seeker sensitive sort. Nevertheless I don’t want to take away from the books’ general principles and pointers on leadership and in particular mentoring. The biggest take away here is that of raising people to excel beyond you. He also made a good point that sometimes you cannot invest in everybody lest you burn out. My chief concern is all that stuff about self-confidence and telling people they are better than they really are strategy. Most illuminating part of the book is towards the end when he talked about how people can empathize with your failure but success can make others envious of you. I felt the book was more for the corporate world than ministry.

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