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I’ve been caught up with the week long series on Biblical counseling and concern for psychology so I didn’t have the chance to put up our regular round up of Presuppositional apologetics links until now.  These are links from April 8th-21st 2013.  Enjoy and share with others!  What other links have you read that we should know about?

1.) God: The Ground and Source of Knowledge

2.) Audio Lecture on Cornelius Van Til by Geoff Thomas

3.) Are You an Evangelical Apologist?

4.) Repent so you can understand

William Edgar’s Thoughts on Gay Rights

5.) Interviewing James White: What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an

5.) Misframing Adam and Evolution

6.) Answers in Genesis Research Journal: A Response to Peter Enns’s Attack on Biblical Creationism

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We have completed our week long Marathon series on Biblical counseling and concern for Psychology.  Here is the compilation of our posts related to this topic from this week and also from the past.  Book mark this as a resource–and also to visit in the future as we will add more links and resources to equip God’s people to think Biblically and apply a Christian worldview in the areas of helping people with their problems.

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