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Knock, Knock, Knock.  This post by Clint Archer speaks about Jehovah’s Witness who knock on your door.  Good information in how to respond to them.

Knock, knock again. (Part 2).  Here is part two from Clint Archer.  He goes into some verses from the Bible in how to deal with this cult and explains why Jehovah Witness have a hopeless and dismal faith.  He provides a clear and simple approach to apply when confronted by these cults.

Letter to a Jehovah’s Witness. This post by Fred Butler deals with a handwritten response letter written to a Jehovah’s Witness’ handwritten letter.

Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This PowerPoint by Prof. Dennis M. Swanson is an examination of the Jehovah’s Witness history and beliefs It can also be found at An Examination of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Society.

The Problem of the One and the Many: Watch Tower Unitarianism.  Here in this article, Mike Robinson addresses in depth concerning the Jehovah’s Witness in these areas: “The Unitarian god of the Jehovah’s Witnesses,” “Unified Eternal Truths In Diversity,” “James Anderson’s Summary and Application of Van Til’s One and Many Apologetic,” “The Trinity: The Foundation for the One and the Many,” “The Puzzle of the One and the Many,” “Monism, Oneness, and Illusion,” “Equal Ultimate Actuality of the One and the Many,” “The Rational Underpinning: God in Trinity,” “The Trinity: The True God.”

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