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Prodigal God Tim Keller

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A book on Luke 15, the parable of the two sons (commonly called the parable of the Prodigal sons). Those who have not read or heard of a good exposition on this passage would be in for a treat with Keller’s book. As I was reading this book I can’t help it but to compare it to John MacArthur’s “Tale of Two Sons.” Personally I enjoyed MacArthur’s work better since it went over more exegetical materials and insights into the passage. Keller’s work spent more time on the Older Brother than MacArthur’s. I appreciate Keller’s attention to the search for one’s motive in doing things, that is we are doing things to earn merit to control God, then we are like the older brother in the parable…and we are doing it wrong. I disagree with Keller that the Father represents God, since I see the referent to be Jesus to be consistent with the reason why Jesus told this parable was due to the Pharisees seeing Jesus reaching out to “sinners.” One good exegetical insight Keller brought out from the parable of the two sons that I never noticed before is the fact in the previous parables of the lost coin and the lost sheep, there was a “search and rescue” being done but this story lacks that and he brings out that it should have been the responsibility of the older brother to find the younger son which he failed to do. Self-righteous religious people don’t search out for the lost to see them back to the father–ouch, for those who don’t have a heart for the lost. Over all good book.

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