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Today's Gospel

J. Walter Chantry.  Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic? London: Banner of Truth Trust, 1970. 96 pp.

We are living in perilous times.  These perilous times indicates that there is a famine in the land.  I am not speaking about a physical famine, but a spiritual famine.  We could talk about a famine in the land in regards to Bible intake, hermeneutics, etc., but that is a topic for another day.  But the famine I am speaking of has to do with the preaching of the Gospel.  The chief errors as the author puts it, has nothing to do with emphasis or one’s approach, but more so on the heart of the Gospel.  There are many approaches or methods, but the main contention from the book is concerned with the heart of the Gospel.  To ignore the heart of the Gospel is dangerous.  In this book, he describes what is the authentic or synthetic approach towards the Gospel.

The authentic way is to to cover the attributes of God, the holy law of God, repentance, the call to bow before Christ; as well as the mishandling of biblical assurance of salvation.  Those are some of the elements that make up the heart of the Gospel.  To ignore anyone of those areas would cause one to fall into a synthetic approach towards the Gospel.

This stalwart written book addresses many of the contemporary problems that many evangelism conferences, commissions, churches, books, etc., have failed to address.  This book on the other hand, gives an expository display of the authentic expository preaching of the Gospel.  Much light is brought into the surface from the base text that makes up much of the content of the book: Mark 10:17-27.  This passage which centers around the rich young ruler, reveals how the young ruler was exposed to “character of God, preaching the law of God, preaching repentance toward God, preaching faith toward God’s Son, preaching assurance of acceptance with God, and preaching dependence upon God” (1-69).

This book was a great read and is a great book to assign for evangelism discipleship.

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