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Foundation is important

Where you stand your grounds on is important.  Let’s hope it’s a good foundation.  In the areas of worldviews, philosophy and religion, Presuppositional apologetics stresses that there is one true and possible foundation for the Transcendental necessity of making all of human experience intelligible and meaningful: the Triune God and His self-evidencing revelation.

Here’s some links related to Presuppositional apologetics between May 22nd-31st 2013.  What other links can you suggests?

1.) Islam is Self-Impaling–Mike Robinson offers a brief Presuppositional introduction.

2.) Questions about Apologetics and Worldview: What does the Bible mean when it says “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’ ”?–A verse often cited, put in it’s context.

3.) Presuppositional Apologetics Interview (objections to the method) with Resequitur–Our friend Pat interviews Resequitur of Choosing Hats Blog.

4.) Tornadoes and the sovereign plan of God–An Apologia Radio show in light of the recent disaster in Oklahoma.

5.) Dr. Jason Lisle reviews How to Answer the Fool–Sye’s new movie gets a review.

6.) Stephen King Is Evidence For God’s Existence–Dr. Christopher Cone makes a point from Stephen King’s life.

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