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Sye Ten Bruggencate

It seems with each passing day there are more and more resources on Presuppositional apologetics made available online.  In God’s providence, it’s as if its a treasure hunt sometime to stumble upon them.

Open Air Preacher Sye Ten Bruggencate, who’s new documentary no doubt has been used by the LORD to share with many the method of Presuppositional apologetics.  He has recently given several teachings at Westminster Presbyterian Church during a conference earlier this month between June 4-6th 2013.

Here are the MP3s:

  1. The Greatness of God
  2. Apologetics – You’re Doing It Wrong
  3. Biblical Apologetics
  4. Taking it to the Streets
  5. Objections Answered

I appreciate Brother Sye making Cornelius Van Til’s apologetics practical and applying it in evangelism.

You can access the original page for this conference and download the messages by other speakers by clicking HERE.

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