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AfterLife What You Need to Know About Heaven and NDE by Hank

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This book is a response to all the new books coming out about those who went to heaven and came back, those with Near Death Experiences (NDE), etc.  The author, Hank Hanegraaff, is currently “The Bible Answerman” and overall does a good job dealing with the subjectivity of these “I’ve gone to heaven” books, and how their account contradict the clear teaching of Scripture and one another’s description of heaven.  I enjoyed how Hanegraaff also dealt with the issue of hell, and a defense of hell from some of the recent attacks by some within the Evangelical quarter.  With this said, there were somethings that I disagree with the book or think it could have done better.  His discussion of libertarian free will (LFW) assumes it rather than defends it, and seems to be important in his view of end things.  I think his discussion about good angels never sinning even in future heaven hits a dilemma concerning LFW.  At times he even sounds like a Calvinists!  Furthermore, while the author does believe in a physical reality of our future existence, he does at time have tendency to be driven by a spiritual vision model in his hermeneutics (versus a new creation model).  The book does expound Hanegraaff’s Partial Preterism and here he does not have anything new to contribute beyond what Gary DeMar, RC Sproul and others have said.  I kind of wished he dealt with some of the objections Christian raise concerning Partial Preterism.  I also wished he could have dealt with more scholarly Dispensationalists.  At times he was question begging and could have been more nuance–such as his discussion of Rob Bell on hell and also objecting to Dispensationalists Premillennial view because of Revelation 21’s promise that there will no longer be any sorrow on earth–while not accounting for Revelation 20 before chapter 21 and a defense of re-capitulation.  I still think Randy Alcorn’s book on heaven is the best of recent book on heaven no matter what view of the Millennium you take.

I write this review an hour before a funeral for a saint at our church.

It was a good reminder about our eternity and keeps our ministry in perspective.

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