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I’m sure at this point readers already know about Miley Cyrus’ distasteful and lewd performance for some MTV Video Music Award.  Not a channel I would watch.  Not at all.

On my yahoo front page a day ago there was an article about Miley Cyrus’ way of dancing, Twerk, being something that is good for you.


I couldn’t believe it.  I’m just checking my email and I had to see this as the first thing after signing in?

Bascially the author Brian Kranz was trying to say twerking was a good form of exercise.  For instance, he writes

As the rhythmic shaking of one’s behind gains popularity with the American public, some are using it as an amusing and creative way to burn calories. After all, many popular dance-based workouts have swept through the country before, including Zumba.

Like the logo for Yahoo, I have to ask “Y?!”  Minus the happy face.

In our day of moral relativism and ethical confusion, the front page of Yahoo and Kranz’ article is suggesting that “If it gives you a physical work out, it can’t be wrong ethically.”

Think about that terrible ethical principle.

I hear from buddies who were Marine Corps Scout Snipers that sniping tests one’s patience and is physically and mentally strenuous.  There’s nothing like hunting another man.  Should we therefore make a blanket statement that “all occasion of sniping is good” without considering the elephant in the room that there are other moral consideration as well?  Should we disregard the instances when it’s inappropriate and down right wrong and talk about how much calories it burns for someone say in Al Qaeda or the Taliban?

Sex can also be a workout.  Does it no longer matter ethically in showing it to pre-teens and teens because “If it gives you a physical work out, it must be good for you?”

We can multiply more and more examples of what’s wrong with the underlining ethical principle behind Yahoo’s sleezy article.  It’s an irrational and dangerous worldview.  And the fact that this type of reasoning can be put on the front page of Yahoo is indicative of where our society is at.

Christians, let us keep on evangelizing, engaging in apologetics and articulate the Christian worldview with love, truth, clear thinking and in a Christ exalting way.

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