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For those of you who are familiar with Theonomic Postmillennialists, the name David Harold Chilton might be new.  Like most Theonomic Postmills, David Harold Chilton is also a Presuppositionalist.  Coincidentally, like Greg Bahnsen, he died young (45) as a result of heart problem in 1997.

There is now a “Rev. David Harold Chilton Center for Reformed Theology” webpage up and running.  According to the new page, this center “was founded in 2013, to further the scholarship of the late Rev. David H. Chilton (1951–1997).”

I look forward to seeing what new materials there will be in the months to follow.

One of the materials they have online is titled “Battlefield Apologetics” which is an audio by David Chilton.  You can access it by clicking HERE.

Here’s the description:

Rev. Chilton followed the legacy of Dr. Cornelius Van Til in the presuppositional school of Christian apologetics. This school believes the Christian faith is the only basis for rational thought. It presupposes that the Bible is divine revelation and attempts to expose flaws in other worldviews.

This Van Tillian style of apologetics claims that there are valid arguments to prove that the God of the Bible exists but that the unbeliever would not necessarily be persuaded by them because of his suppression of the truth, and therefore the apologist, he said, must present the truth regardless of whether anyone is actually persuaded by it.



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