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Four year old tell off terrorist

It seems the siege in the Kenyan mall by Islamic terrorists is nearly over.  There is a story that is making it’s round on the news circuit of a four year old British boy and his encounter with one of the terrorists that is simply remarkable.  According to a British Newspaper report:

A four-year-old British boy survived the Kenya shopping mall attack after telling an armed jihadist ‘you’re a bad man’, according to the boy’s uncle who has given an interview to a UK newspaper.

After apparently seeing his mother shot in the thigh, young Elliott Prior is said to have confronted the gunman shouting “you’re a bad man, let us leave”.

Incredibly the gunman in understood to have took pity on Elliott and his six-year-old sister Amelie, giving the pair a Mars bar each and allowing them and their mother to leave the chaotic shopping mall in the middle of the terror attack.

Elliott’s 35-year-old mother Amber was reportedly able to grab two more children – including a wounded 12-year-old boy whose mother had been murdered – before exiting the shopping mall and taking the children them to safety.

As the group turned to leave, the gunman allegedly called after them saying the jihadists only wanted to kill Kenyans and Americans, not Britons, pleaded with Amber to convert to Islam and begged “please forgive me, we are not monsters.”

If all this is true, in light of the news that women and children has been killed by these terrorists, it’s amazing this young boy and his family was spared.

Some thoughts on this story:

1.) Here we see that a four year old knows what’s right and wrong and has a better moral compass than the terrorists.

2.) I think most people who read this would agree that moral relativism goes out the window when we are challenged with moral evil in the real world.  I don’t see any news story that condemns the boy with “Who are you to Judge?”  The boy is right on!

3.) This little boy has moral courage!  Likewise, we need to have moral courage like this little boy to confront what is evil.  It does take courage to call out the wicked.

4.) This story confirms what the Bible teaches about the conscience: The terrorist even begged ““please forgive me.”  It’s hard to suppress the conscience 100%, 100% of the time.

5.) The power of the “law” (moral law) is amazing: While it does not always lead people to Christ, it does have it’s effect at times of restraining evil some of the time when the conscience is invoked.

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On Monday, September 9th, 2013 there was an evening debate in Southern California sponsored by the Center for Religious Debate titled “Can the New Testament Be Trusted?”  It was part of a series of debate that week concerning the topic of Islam and Christianity.

Shadid Lewis represented the side of Islam and Bob Siegel the side for Christianity.

The debate can be seen here:

Someone by the name of “Radical Moderate” on Youtube has loaded the video below that made a good point concerning Shadid Lewis’ contradictory assertions.

To tighten the noose, I think it’s important to see Shadid Lewis define his terms because a normal definition of Bible, Scripture, NT and OT would make his claims absurd.


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