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Monumental is a 90 minute factual movie about America’s beginnings.  In an intense search to find out answers concerning the formation of this county, Kirk Cameron travels to England to begin his quest;and ends it in America.  In order to do that, he interviews a few scholars, professors, and key individuals who possess the critical knowledge that will unlock the doors for Kirk Cameron to walk through.  Cameron takes this journey because he is immensely interested in the formula that once established this nation to be a beacon of light.  He starts this search to find that formula because he believes that his family’s future is worth fighting for.  Although he believes God is sovereign, he does not believe it is right to just sit idly and be passive, while evil is penetrating  its darkness upon this nation.  He believes this search will be beneficial and critical to the future of his kids and others, because it is important to know and learn how to apply the foundations that were implemented in this country’s past to today.

In this movie, he covers many critical components concerning the formation of this country.  What I appreciated the most was his attempt to connect the dots, where many in the public school system, have failed to do so because of their liberal agenda.  I won’t cover every detail because you will have to watch the movie.  Some of the critical components started with his journey to Bathford, England to meet a local historian and pilgrim expert named Sue Allan.    

Expecting to get a lesson on the Pilgrims or also referred to as the English Separatists, Kirk gets introduced first to the Puritans.  To understand the English Separatists, one must first understand the Puritans.  They were the vital component that started the seed to America’s formation.  What Cameron learned from the interview blew his mind and changed him greatly.  But the journey only started from that initial interview. I would recommend this movie.  It will walk you thorough the keys and components to this country’s development.  And it will reignite your passion to appreciate the power of God’s Word for a nation.

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