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Chuck Smith, pastor and founder of the Calvary Chapel Movement has passed away today.  He was 86 years old.

While we don’t agree with everything this man has taught (if you search our blog you would find some disagreement we have with Chuck Smith or those from Calvary Chapel), nevertheless I do believe he is a believer of Jesus Christ and that the Lord has used Him and that people have been saved by God through Him (and perhaps at times in spite of him if that makes sense).

One thing I’m continuously grateful for Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel is their emphasis on a high view of the Word of God.  In other words, I’m surprised sometimes of how their doctrine of the Word of God (bibliology) is quite solid.  I think as a result of it, many within these churches have gone on to study the Word of God deeply, and some have come to embrace the doctrines of Sovereign Grace as a result of it.

I know some of you reading this blog will no doubt have the same love and concern for Chuck Smith’s movement, Calvary Chapel.  In fact, all three of us bloggers on Veritas Domain have some kind of story with Calvary Chapel and continue to have friends with those in Calvary Chapel.  Come to think of it, all three Veritas Domain bloggers are now married–and all the wives were at one time attending Calvary Chapel prior to becoming Calvinists.

Who would have thought that several decades ago, a Conservative mannered man name Chuck Smith with his fatherly preaching in Orange County would make an impact upon the hippies and led many to come to know Jesus.

What’s your story with Calvary Chapel?

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