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Strange fire

Strange Fire ended not too long ago.  The audio and videos are up, but it seems that there still needs to be more clarity concerning the issues that were raised at the conference.  Here is an interview that Pastor John MacArthur did concerning Strange Fire.

1) Here is an interview he did with Challies: John MacArthur Answers His Critics

2) Here is the link to the audios and videos of Strange Fire: Strange Fire Conference

3) Here is an interview Pastor MacArthur did at a seminary concerning Strange Fire: Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

4) Pastor MacArthur’s Informed Response to Strange Fire: Informed Response to Strange Fire

5) Pastor Phil Johnson’s response concerning these buzz words: Pastor Phil Johnson on the Broad Brush

6) A detailed treatment of strange fire and miraculous gifts by Professor Nathan Busenitz: Strange Fire & Miraculous Gifts

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