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Rob Barkman, who runs Settled in Heaven ministries blog began a weekly video series on the topic of “Why Does Evil Exist?” back in early October.  It is an eight part video series and it has just been completed.  You can also download the PDF of the Study Guide by clicking HERE.

Rob’s emphasis is on what the Bible has to say.  Enjoy!

Part 1: The Biblical Definition Of Evil: Acts Of Sin and The Results Of Those Actions

Part 2: The Lord Is In Control Of All Things Including Evil.

Part 3: The Lord Is Perfectly Separated From Sin, Therefore He Cannot Be The Originator Of Sin

Part 4: An In-Depth Look At Isaiah 45:7 – The “Harmful Things” That God Creates

Part 5: The Lord Uses The Results Of Evil In This World To Reveal Himself

Part 6: Learning About The Purpose Of Evil From The Young Man Born Blind

Part 7: Learning About The Purpose Of Evil From The Resurrection Of Lazarus

Part 8: When Everything Is Said And Done We Know With Certainty, The Lord’s Usage Of Evil Is Beneficial To His People

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