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The Pursuit of Holiness book Jerry Bridges

The beauty of this book is its simplicity with how the author Jerry Bridges communicate the truth of the Christian need to pursue holiness. While the writing is simple that does not mean that the book is superficial. Far from it: the author truly understands our human nature and what we as sinners are really like. The biggest profit I got from the book was Bridges concern that today too many Christians are confused concerning God’s responsibility and man’s responsibility in the area of sanctification. Bridges’ big thesis is that God has called us to pursue holiness and the thought of “let go, and let God…” is not biblical. As I was reading this I thought about the classes I had and books I read in the area of biblical counseling and it’s no surprise later in the book I find him quoting Jay Adams. This is a Gospel driven book with practical, challenging look beyond the surface of our sins; there were times Bridges confesses to sins that seems almost trivial since they are “respectable” sins today, but Bridges goes to the heart of the matter to show how it was sinful before God’s presence. I enjoyed the reminder from this book that we are to pursue loving obedience to God rather than “victory” from a sin. Bridges argues that a “victory-defeat” paradigm towards sanctification doesn’t work because it still ends up being about us and our pride rather than God and the Spirit. Excellent work, I only wished I read this book when I was much younger in my faith. But I suppose it’s better late than never. More mature Christians will still benefit from this work.

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