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The Masculine Mandate

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The author takes a good and biblical approach towards the topic of manhood and masculinity.  In the past I have read and heard teachings on manhood that seems more of a knee-jerk reaction against radical feminism.  Some of these end up sneaking in more cultural mores than Biblical principles. The best commendation I would give for this work is that the author does a good working through the Biblical principles.  There are in some Christian circles today who are influenced by the book Wild at Heart which advocates a concept of manhood that is about how men are design for adventure and being out in the wild; the author here critiques this model and note how it fail to account for the biblical data in the beginning of Genesis of man being created for a Garden and situated in a “covenantal” context; but the Bible’s view of man is more of a cultivator than an adventurer per se.  That is, man was design to be responsible with their commitment.  Genesis 2:15 is the controlling verse for much of the content of the book, in which the author argues that what defines manhood is cultivating and keeping.  He applies this concept of manhood in various spheres such as marriage, leadership, marriage and the church.  Personally I thought the best part of the book was on being a father.  Good book, definitely recommend it.  I liked what the author has to say and desire to read his other work on relationship sometime in the near future.

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