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Assurance of Salvation Series


We are going to have a weekly series of outlines every Saturday on the topic of Christian assurance of Salvation.

Why are we doing this series?

Our first post last week answer the question of why should we study on the topic of Christian assurance.  You can check it out by clicking HERE.

I pray that God’s people will benefit from it.

As someone who is engage offline in evangelism (and from that, apologetics) I think it’s a joy to engage unbelief biblically.  At the same, if one engages in biblical evangelism and apologetics, sometimes that also means dealing with the more practical issue that a believer has of whether or not they know for sure they themselves are Christians.  Thus, an equipped apologist must not only be ready to deal with the nonbeliever but sometimes also to be equipped and ready with sound practical theology to encourage a believer’s assurance of their salvation.


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