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Obama's America

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To be upfront, I really don’t like the author but I did like the book.  My bias against the author has to do with the fact that when I read his previous books I get the feeling he’s kind of full of himself and it’s distracting.  I also think Dinesh D’Souza is terrible when he writes in the area of Christian apologetics or theology.  Of course his extramarital affair doesn’t help.  Yet with all the biases stacked up against him, surprisingly I did find this particular book compelling.  Readers might want to read the author’s first work on Obama, The Root of Obama’s Rage.  Both books argues that Obama is not just driven by the generic liberal Democrat worldview of Statism; rather, Obama is driven by an anticolonial worldview.  One sees this shaped in his complicated upbringing (or lack of), his ideological influence as a young man by his mentors, etc.  Like the first book D’Souza argues that this has better explanatory power for Obama’s decision and policy than Obama being an African American Liberal Democrat.  He’s has not been excited or contributed at all the agenda of Black democrats.

This book was also helpful in seeing D’Souza’s response to some of the negative reviews and attack against him in his first book.  For instance, some critics have misrepresented the author as an extremist and a “birther” but D’Souza has never implied Obama is not a US citizen; instead he has made it clear in both books how he thinks that is crazy.

What I like about this second book is that it further refines D’Souza’s original thesis.  Earlier D’Souza has made out the mom to be a victim of Obama’s father promiscuous and irresponsibility as a parent to the young Obama; but in light of new research D’Souza discovered that the mom was also quite sexually promiscuous as well.  Her desire to the feminist life style must be taken into account and modify the argument in the first book that it was the mom’s intent to keep Obama ideologically pure from the step-father’s pro-Western sympathies that led the mom to send her son back to Hawaii to be raised by Obama’s grandparents.  The other reason for her to tell her son she must go is also for her own independence.

Much more could be said about the book but I recommend you to read the book for yourself.

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