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The Cost of Discipleship

Glad to have finally gotten through this classic. The opening of the book was very edifying and I enjoyed the way how the author tackled on the problem of cheap grace theology. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is truly a Lutheran and one get that feel in the book. It is a call to believers to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to be one faithfully. An excellent book for a believer to read to count the cost and one in which the readers must keep in mind that for the author who lived in Nazi Germany had to pay the ultimate cost in following Jesus rather than go with the “mainstream” Lutheranism that was supporting if not even being sympathetic to the Nazis. Of the sections in the book, I enjoyed the most the exposition of the Sermon on the Mount as it was challenging as well as sanctifying. He does a good job of showing how the law points us to our utter depravity and ultimately our need for Jesus as Savior. While not taking away from the book’s exposition of the Sermon of the Mount I think his denial of the distinction of turn the other cheek for personal offence versus certain roles and duties (think of police officer, judge, etc) that this doesn’t apply in is problematic. I also have to note that I disagree with the author’s understanding of the role of baptism as well (I don’t find it biblical to baptize infant and his understanding of the relationship between baptism and salvation). I was genuinely surprised that despite the author’s theological educational background, he shows little if any influence of Liberalism in his book. This is a classic that serves as a good devotional.

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